Create visual interest to your outdoor living area with a stylish pergola

A pergola creates light, airy, and inviting spaces and are often used to form shaded walkways, passageways, or seated area. They’re made up of vertical posts that support cross-beams, create a sturdy open lattice. A pergola can be an beautiful and functional addition to your homes landscape.

Unrestrained placement & style

Pergolas can be designed in almost any style and shape and can be attached to your home or built as freestanding structures. This makes them an ideal feature in any outdoor space.

Defined outdoor spaces

A pergola is a great way to define an outdoor area without making it feel smaller or confined. The size of the beams and their spacing, will determine exactly how much shade is provided over the day. And they make a great structure to attached outdoor blinds or a retractable shade to for even more protection when you need it.

Custom designed & built

From the timber & colour choice, to the shape and style, our qualified builder has over 25 years experience and can work with you to create your perfect pergola.

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