Retractable Roof Shades

We’ve installed hundred of outdoor roofs during our time and we kept encountering the same problem. Our customers loved their outdoor roofs but wanted some kind of overhead shade that they could put up and down, on demand.

We spent months searching the market for a product that would solve this issue. But there was none. And so, we created it.

Our retractable shade features:

  • Uses only stainless steel brackets and connections for longevity
  • Made to order, 100% customised to your specific dimensions
  • Shade is PVC mesh with antibacterial and antifungal protection
  • 20 colours available
  • Provides 90% glare and heat reduction
  • Edges are welded not stitched
  • Operated by a manual gearbox and crank handle
  • Easy to adjust and rolls away in minutes
  • Can be installed on to any structure from timber to aluminium

If you’re considering a retractable roof shade, contact us to request your free onsite measure & quote.

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